Lisbon 3m x 3m Retractable Awning


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All our Lisbon Awnings are fitted with a smooth retractable roof and constructed out of unique injection system aluminium materials to last you a lifetime!

Designed to withstand any climate as it is carefully tested and manufactured to resist winds up to 100km/h and a weight of 50kg against rain and snow!

Our Lisbon Awning is perfect for any commercial setting such as restaurants, cafés, or bars to increase the seating area for your guests to enjoy the surrounding scenery without the interruption of climatic changes!

Additionally, the most important feature is the awning fabric which is manufactured out of PVC polyester to resist any tearing, abrasions, and harsh weather conditions, available in a light grey or white. LED Lights are included throughout the Lisbon and are easily operated to add that sophisticated and ambient atmosphere.

There is a 5-year warranty on the canopy fabric and a 2-year warranty on electronic features (e.g. motors, LED lights, transformers).